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PennyLRAOur pets wiggle their way into our hearts and become part of the family. They are loyal, loving and devoted to their humans. When we are sick they comfort us, when we laugh they share in our joy, and when we need someone to talk to, they listen without judgement. The animals in our lives accept us with unconditional love when we treat them with kindness and respect. Like any other member of our family, we want to capture their likeness so that we can remember them and their contribution to our souls.


Using reference photos I create fine art pet portraits by combining photography and electronic painting using an art pen to create brushwork on a digital medium. Each art piece is uniquely hand painted to capture your beloved pet’s personality.  This is not a simple filter that is completed in minutes. Each portrait takes hours to complete by eliminating distracting backgrounds and creating layers of paint. No two pieces are alike.

sample orange cat

They can then be printed on photographic paper, fine art paper or canvas to be displayed in your home. The reference photos can be yours or, for a additional fee, I can provide a professional portrait session of your pet if you are in Connecticut. Please click on the Galleries tab to see more examples of my fine art pet portraits and on the Investment tab to learn how the process works. If you have any questions or would like to commission a portrait, please email me at sandralynnphotography@yahoo.com


I have been a professional photographer for over 7 years and have won numerous local and regional photography awards. I am continuously taking courses to advance my knowledge and skill as a photographer and digital artist.




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